Gratchi Farms Inc. (GFI) evolved when the founding owner, Ms. Gratchi Bautista Nuval, envisioned a resort different from other resorts. In March 2008, Ms. Gratchi received a gift from her father -- a farm heavily-covered with an overgrowth of grass and untrimmed coffee and banana trees. It was not until April 2009 when Ms. Gratchi decided to experience life in a farm and this was the outset of a well-maintained farmland planted with many varieties of fruiting trees, flowering plants, and vegetables. But it was only in July 2011 when the beginnings of Gratchi’s Getaway took root. Now, Ms. Gratchi can share the beauty of this piece of land with its hilly terrain and refreshing scenic view of the mountains and all the blessings of nature that thrive here. Gratchi’s Getaway is first a farm then a resort. The resolve to be an organic farm may still be a long way off but every effort will be put to make this farm least burdensome to Mother Nature. As a resort, Gratchi’s Getaway will be an integration of knowledge and enjoyment. No one leaves the farm without the feeling of satisfaction and added knowledge about an integral part of our daily lives which we have taken for granted... agriculture. Gratchi’s Getaway invites everyone to enjoy, learn, and appreciate the environment.


Gratchi Farms Inc. aims to share. Gratchi Farms Inc. aims to teach. A teacher in UP Los Banos right after graduating from UP Diliman, a teacher in Guam and in Lemoore, California, and whenever her busy schedule as a young mother allowed, a teacher in her own English school in Japan, it has always been innate in Ms. Gratchi to share her knowledge and life's experiences with the people around her. The resort will just be another venue, another opportunity, for her to teach and to share. Gratchi Farms Inc. aims to share the beauty of nature with YOU in a unique manner as it combines recreation with education. Seldom can we find a place that uses its natural settings as a classroom for those wanting to learn and the same natural settings to play and enjoy with comrades and peers. Gratchi Farms Inc. aims to be a place where one can realize his/her dream as Ms. Gratchi hopes to see all those who have helped to make GFI a reality have a comfortable and secure future. Gratchi Farms Inc. joins the crusade towards the awareness to conserve and preserve the environment and the need for our young minds to appreciate technology hand in hand with agriculture.


Gratchi’s Getaway is the ultimate destination for people who would like to have a learning experience at a farm setting while enjoying activities unique to Gratchi’s Getaway. Success for Ms. Gratchi and her dedicated staff mean sending home each and every guest with a piece of the FARM in their hearts. Even for just a few hours or a few days at Gratchi’s Getaway, may everyone come to a refreshing encounter with nature and leave with a new outlook towards the value of agriculture and with a resolve to keep our environment clean and green.

Come and Commune with Nature at Gratchi’s Getaway!!