Gratchi's Getaway has a capacity to house up to 245 guests overnight and 500+ guests for a day tour. Our camping grounds can accommodate an additional 100 guests.

Prices vary according to the size of the group, type of accommodations requested and the activities planned.

Please call us so we can customize your package to make sure your next event is within budget and will result in memorable experiences for the group. Our front desk officers are available from 7am to 7pm any day of the week.


LANDLINE:  (02) 664-1633

GLOBE:        09177265484

SUN:             09228910963

SMART:       09209565673


Take time to relax from a day of fun-filled activities by chilling in our infinity pool. Enjoy the beauty of nature, the sounds of the waterfall, the clean and fresh Tagaytay air, and the feeling of being completely one with nature.


Enjoy the 360-degree open air view of our natural landscape from the pavilion. With a capacity of up to 40-50 guests, this is a perfect place for your parties, events, seminars and conferences.


A three-story building built up from the ruins of the first housing structure in the farm. 'The Ruins' houses our kitchen on the first floor, 4 guest rooms on the second floor, and a multi- purpose hall on the third floor.


For a more intimate experience, our four different cottages are located higher up in the property beside our waterfalls infinity pool, and each includes private bathrooms.